Audio Visual System

Every classroom in the school is equipped with a television. The Audio Visual System (A.V. System) is a device which is being used in classrooms to encourage the process of learning and to make teaching easier and more interesting.

Why do we use an Audio Visual System? 

The use of an A.V. System makes learning and understanding easier and this teaching method also increases the children’s grasping power through visualizing. 

How does it benefit the students? 

The A.V. System, which makes use of animated videos, helps the students recollecting a specific concept faster since they take more interest in listening. 

How does it benefit the teachers? 

The A.V. System allows for an easier explanation of a certain topic as it contains the proper pronunciation. Students listen carefully and that silence creates a pleasant work environment.

Open Ground Method

Within this teaching method the students of Amcha Ghar English High School are taken outside. Not only does this allow them to get some fresh air, they also go into nature where they get the chance to explore different kinds of plants, birds, animals, physiographic structures, and the different elements of the Earth. 

Explanation and Narrating Method

When the characteristics of a lesson are being explained to the students, it becomes easier for them to understand the content and structure of that lesson. The class also becomes easier to understand for the students with the help of teaching aids.

Demonstration and Experimental Method

During Environmental Studies or Science classes demonstrations take place which cannot be understood by just reading about in textbooks. Therefore it is easier to conduct these experiments in the school’s own science lab. Knowing how a computer works is also something which cannot be understood only from reading a textbook. We have a computer lab which allows the students to put their knowledge into practice and it will also help to increase their learning pace.

Questionnaire Method

The questionnaire method is a method where the teacher asks the student questions. This way we come to know how much a student has actually understood about the class. This method is usually being used after group discussions.