Audio Visual System? 

Audio Visual System is that device which is used in classrooms to encourage teaching learning process and make it easier and interesting. 

Why do we use Audio Visual System? 

Audio Visual system is an easier method for learning and understanding. Children’s grasping power increases by visualizing. 

How does it benefit the students? 

Since A.V. System is filled with animations it helps the students to recollect the concept faster. Students take interest in listening. 

How does it benefit Teachers? 

The A.V. System is easier to explain as it contains proper pronounciations. Students listens carefully and there is silence students listens attentaively. 

Open Ground Method

Students when taken in an open ground they get fresh air. They get to see the natural things such as plants, birds, animals, sky, birds, physiographical structures. 

Explanation and Narrating Method

When students are explained by the characters from the lesson it becomes easy for the students to understand the lesson. Also explaining with the help of teaching aids makes it easier for the students to understand. 

Demonstration and Experimental Method

In E.V.S./ Science there are demonstrations and experiments which cannot be understood by reading. It will be more easier if the experiment are conducted in the science lab. Computers also cannot be understood only from the book but if the students are taken in the computer lab they understand it faster. 

Questionary Method

When we use questionary method we come to know how much a student has understood. This method is usually used after group discussions.