Mission & Vision with Goals and Objectives

Amcha Ghar School aims to develop the integral, personal formation of its students. To accomplish this, special efforts are made to train students

To develop respect and appreciation for multiculturalism and diversity.
To strive for excellence in every field.
To work for a high-achieving learning environment, by encouraging high-order thinking, problem solving and spirit of enquiry.
To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
To be unselfish in service to their fellowmen and to become agents of social change in their country.
To work for the academic success of all students.
To make our staff & students feel special.
To work closely with parents, community, teachers and all beneficiaries.
Introduce children to independent and un-aided work, reducing dependence on tuitions.
Amcha Ghar School strives to educate its students for LIFE.

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