School Administrators : Faculty & Staff directory


Amcha Ghar School selects teachers who truly believe in imparting education through child-centered and learning based methodologies. All teachers are given additional training by the school and they also receive regular guidance from our consultants throughout the academic year. The curriculum and syllabus are regularly updated with new concepts and the vast general knowledge available in today's information based world.

Our teachers strive to create a joyous learning atmosphere that enhances the child's personal fulfillment by promoting social and emotional well-being. As educators, they design engaging lessons, identify and nurture the unique talents of their students and contribute to their all-round development. Interactive tools and teaching aids are used to strengthen conceptual learning. We encourage our teachers to be facilitators, who can hold the hands of the children, readying them for taking flight into a world of opportunity, self-growth and success.

English is the medium of instruction from play group onwards and teachers have been equipped to help children develop English Language Skills (ELS) irrespective of their background. At the same time we also stress the importance of competency and fluency in Hindi, Marathi and their respective mother tongues. We strongly advocate that every child must be sensitized to develop a positive attitude towards all languages.

Management Team

  • Anthony Dias - Founder
  • Agatha Susheela Dias - Chair Person
  • Sanjay Sonar - Principal
  • Sangita Kamble - Supervisor


  • Agatha Susheela Dias - President
  • Mr. Prasad Pathak - Secretary
  • Adv. Pravin Patil - Treasure
  • Adv. Chhaya Kini- Member
  • Mr. Leo Chacko - Member
  • Akanksha Bandgar- Member ( Proposed - Mr. Sanjay Therthre)
  • Beryl Periera - Member (Proposed - Dr. Neeta Mahtre)

Teaching Staff

  • Ms Saba - Nursery
  • Ms Thereza Rathod - Nursery
  • Melsina Gabru - Nursery
  • Ms Dolsey Jiu - Junior
  • Ms Premlata Shinde - Junior
  • Ms Preeti Vast - Junior
  • Ms Bharti Soni - Senior
  • Ms Velenciya D'souza - Senior
  • Cilony Manaji - Primary
  • Saziya Khan - Primary
  • Sibal Kasughar - Primary
  • Velentina Koprya - Primary
  • Clerissa Kinny - Primary
  • Ms Arti Soni - Primary
  • Pritma Zolar - Primary
  • Stefie Valles - Primary
  • Nazmin Anwar - Primary
  • Offiliya gadekar - Secondary
  • Nirmala Gaurea - Secondary
  • Ms Afrin Shaikh - Secondary
  • Mr Clifton Mumbaiker - Computer Teacher
  • Faiz Shaikh - Secondary
  • Ms Sangita Kamble - Computer Teacher
  • Mickey Nunis - Karate Teacher

Office Staff

  • Pleacher Burken - Sr.clerk
  • Minal Bhoir - Jr.clerk
  • Naznin Sayyed - Accountant

Non-teaching Staff

  • Mahesh Solanki - Facility Executive
  • Jiavan Khutade - Facility Executive
  • Pratik Pawar - Facility Executive
  • Priyanka Kamble - Facility Executive
  • Aruna Harijan - Facility Executive
  • Anju Solanki - Facility Executive
  • Sunita Jadhav - Facility Executive
  • Sangita Dhamale - Facility Executive
  • Sangita Yadhav - Facility Executive